Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States


"A product is the extension of the human soul." Walter S. Taylor

Painting entitled "See You." The view of this field reminded me of all I can and can't see.

As a multi-surface artist, I search for the right tool and surface to tell stories with paint, words, or on a stage.

My Work


Self-portrait, 1994

I paint primarily in acrylics and oils. 

However, I never let the absence of either hold me back. I don't wait for the perfect materials. If I did, I'd never create anything.  I'd been called a colorist. I'll take it. I'm intoxicated by color and am drawn to Abstract Expressionism.  



I'm currently finishing a novel. Stay tuned! I also write short stories. When I need a break from those I attempt poetry and essays. I've also published a nonfiction book, Yes, And! Harnessing the Power of Improvisation to Transform Your Life and Work


I love performing. I love discovering characters hiding inside me and learning from them.

I love discovering the characters hiding inside of me and learning from them.  I'm super grateful to all the improvisers, writers, and performers who've allowed me such a range of experiences on stages, in films, and even on the occasional street or basement. I can explain.