Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States


"A product is the extension of the human soul." Walter S. Taylor

"A product is the extension of the human soul." Walter S. Taylor

"A product is the extension of the human soul." Walter S. Taylor"A product is the extension of the human soul." Walter S. Taylor
In 2015, I was an Artist-In Residence in Petosky, MI. Glorious weather...painted outside all week.

My Story

Experience and Education

My background – I have an undergraduate degree in Art and English and worked as the Art Director/Graphic Designer for a small magazine. After that, I went back to school for a Master of Arts degree in teaching. I taught high school English literature, grammar, creative writing and film for 6 years. Next, I agreed to teach art. I'm proud that I grew the program from one semester of art to three full years of course offerings. I added graphic design, drawing, painting, art history, ceramics, and sculpture. I've been an adjunct instructor in Speech and Improvisational Storytelling at Calvin University and Applied Improvisation and Design Thinking for Kendall College of Art and Design and is currently a member of Grand Valley Artists.

Over the years, I've seized opportunities to study art at Bennington College, Savannah College of Art and Design, exhibited work at Shibui Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI  and learned from masters such as Mary Bentz Gilkerson, Carolyn Fehsenfeld and Tony Couch. I secured an Artist-In-Residence in Petosky, MI in 2015, and have exbitited locally at the Grand Valley Artist's Gallery, Marywood Center, Celebration of the Arts, ArtPrize, All Art Works and Salaan Magazine.

Why I Paint

 I try to capture the elusive; the mystery behind what people don’t say or don’t do, the feelings evoked by glimpsing an object, experience, or emotion. If an image or event sticks with me, rather than try to represent it realistically, I paint to understand how I feel, explore why I can’t forget the moment, and uncover the meaning inherent in the memory.


Painters and Styles


Photo of me with and my dad, my favorite painting partner. 

Travel and Light


Rhonda forces me out of my comfort zone so I experience new locations, people, food, colors, smells, and light.

Ideas and Musings


My mother, and her raucous approach to life, has always had an out-sized influence on me, especially my creative work.