Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States


"A product is the extension of the human soul." Walter S. Taylor


My writing

Current Projects and Background

Currently, I am finishing my novel and...more soon.

24-Hour Theater - Wrote a 10-minute play, Catch Phrase, directed by Will Gearring. Grateful to Dog Story Theater for putting up my play along with 5 others to a full house. Watch this space for future shows.

In February 2019 I attended a three-week writers' residency with Bonnie Joe Campbell at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna, FL. 

My writing experience started before I could read. I’d grab a yellow legal pad from my mom’s desk and sit for long stretches scribbling marks on page after page as if I was writing. I haven't stopped since. I write poetry, essays, short stories and plays.

Writing shows for The Second City was like getting a Ph.D. in writing at gun point. Still grateful for the experience and my life.

Additional Writing

• Nonfiction book, Yes, And! Harnessing the Power of Improvisation to Transform your Life and Work

• One-woman show Epiphany 3:29 

• One-act play, Lakefront Property, Winner of the Ben Franklin Playwright Contest

Opening paragraph to my novel

 It’s hard to say what caused the whole thing. Some said it was the heat, some blamed the National Rifle Association, and other pointed to the uncivilized rhetoric of the presidential campaign that year. Seems as if it was more like a bunch of brittle sticks fell in the same place, one at a time, over months, maybe years, making what the boy scouts would call a perfect teepee and then, the dry air, a stray napkin from a nearby diner, and a spark, sent the whole thing blazing. It flamed fast and loud and then, almost as quickly, died down, with just a few embers throbbing red for a time. Then, those went out too. The people who knew where to look saw what the blaze left behind. For others, the scorched earth and ghostly shapes would be easy to miss. There were so many fires that year.